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Character Info
Character Name: Hisagi Shuuhei (in Japanese name order)
Character’s Age: around 100 or so - it is never specified in canon. Appears to be in his late teens/early 20's
Fandom: Bleach (anime)
Timeline: the waiting period prior to the Winter War, aka the middle of the Hueco Mundo arc while main characters are doing fighty things and he's just sitting around Seireitei being an acting-captain. More specifically, from the close of the Captain Amagai arc, episode 189 - he is from anime canon and not manga, so he has knowledge of the Bount and Amagai arcs.
Appearance: Shuuhei is tallish, about 5'11", and slim but well-muscled in the arms and chest, with short, tousled/spiky black hair. His eyes are stern and narrow, his jaw strong, his mouth usually set in a straight line. He has three parallel scars running down the right side of his face, cutting through his eyebrow, and a pair of tattoos on the left side: a blue/gray band that runs from the bridge of his nose across his cheek, beneath his right eye, and under that the number "69" which is a copy of Muguruma Kensei's tattoo. He wears his shihakusho sleeveless, and usually wears a ladder-like choker necklace and armband, with his lieutenant's badge tied to his left biceps. The shinigami standard uniform (shihakusho) includes black hakama, tabi socks, and waraji sandals.

History: More than a hundred years ago, Shuuhei was just a street kid running around the Rukongai district of the Soul Society. He had a small group of friends that he spent most of his time with. One fateful day the kids were attacked by a hollow, and Shuuhei was rescued by Captain Muguruma Kensei of the Ninth Squad. Kensei wasn't exactly a gentle man, but he did his best to cheer up the crying kid he saved. That kid was inspired that day, not only to enter the academy and become a shinigami, but to join the same squad as the man who saved him. But by the time Shuuhei made it to the academy, Kensei was no longer captain, and rumor was that he had been killed in a savage hollow attack. Shuuhei excelled at his studies, so much so that he was assisting missions with the 13 Squads (Gotei) while still a student, and leading training sessions and field trips as a student-teacher in his sixth year. He commanded the respect and awe of most underclassmen, who looked up to him and thought he was really cool as well (and kind of scary). One such field trip taken to give some first-year students experience in the living world proved to be a turning point in his life, as well as several others. Renji, Izuru, and Momo were part of the class taken to train for defeating weak hollows in a specialized area shielded off in the living world by the older students. Something went horribly wrong, and real, full-strength hollows broke through the barrier and invaded the area where the students were training in teams. The other two upperclassmen leading the foray were killed, and Shuuhei was left to deal with the horde himself while making sure most of the younger students fled to safety. One of the hollows slashed him across the face, giving him serious wounds over his right eye. Only Renji, Izuru, and Momo remained behind to save him, though the four students were still in over their heads. The timely rescue by Captain Aizen and Lieutenant Ichimaru put an end to the attack and saved their lives.

The attack gave Shuuhei three long scars across his face. It also left him with a lingering fear of his own abilities and failures, though it isn't clear whether that was the reason he failed the exam to graduate the academy twice. When he did pass, he was immediately made a seated officer in the Ninth Squad, now under the command of Tousen Kaname. But his doubts made him ask Tousen to remove him from a seated position, as he feared he wasn't able to battle after the experience that scarred him. Tousen gave him the advice he needed to hear in order to keep him in his position and not back down, though it also left him with a long-lasting fear of his own zanpakuto that led him to change the way he fights and the techniques he prefers to use. Tousen encouraged him to fear his sword's released form and avoid using it, strengthening his other abilities instead. Shuuhei took to Tousen's teachings about the way of peace, justice, and duty through non-violence, and admired the captain greatly. He became Lieutenant of Ninth under Tousen and followed his captain's advice, orders, and philosophy a little too closely for a while. Such that, when the Seireitei was invaded by Ichigo's group in an attempt to rescue Rukia, Shuuhei blindly followed orders and never questioned what was happening among his superiors - he confronted the members of Squad Eleven along with his captain and the officers of Squad Seven when Kenpachi appeared to rebel. Shuuhei got his ass handed to him by Yumichika, a lower-seated officer, in that short fight, while his captain was defeated by Kenpachi. The whole Seireitei was in chaos at that point, and captains and lieutenants fighting amongst each other was just the tip of the iceberg.

At the close of the chaos, Shuuhei had to witness his captain, the man he trusted and followed, betray Soul Society and leave with Aizen and Ichimaru. Because of the nature of Aizen's zanpakuto, which he used to control and dupe everyone in Seireitei, Tousen must have chosen to follow him of his own volition because of his blindness - he never saw Aizen's illusions, literally. Crushed, Shuuhei attempted to find some meaning in it, and turned to Tousen's oldest friend, Seventh Division Captain Komamura, for advice and leadership. Neither of them could understand Tousen's reasoning or actions, and vowed to wait and see if they could try to save him from himself. Shuuhei was also one of the primary officers sent to the living world to deal with a threat from creatures called Bounts, essentially spirit-vampires who lived off the soul energy of the living and were threatening some kind of invasion of Seireitei. Shuuhei was chosen by Tenth Squad Captain Hitsugaya to accompany him, with several other lieutenants and fifth-seat Yumichika, to investigate the situation and take action if needed. Shuuhei coldly and dispassionately dealt with Rukia being under the control of a Bount, and did not really befriend any of Ichigo's friends who he had contact with even though he protected Orihime. He and Izuru teamed up to battle and managed to survive, and retreated back into Seireitei to use their superior skills with kidou to assist in protecting the Seireitei in the final battle. Since then, while waiting for Aizen to make his next move during the winter, Shuuhei has taken control of Ninth Division in order to keep it together, and was at least once referred to as "acting-captain" Hisagi of Ninth. Because he has not achieved bankai, however, he can't be promoted to captain so easily, even in wartime. He not only does the work of both captain and lieutenant, he also maintains one of Ninth's other duties, that being editing and publishing a newsletter for the Seireitei. It has kept him very busy and a little stressed, to the point of briefly taking advice and consolation from 13th Squad Captain Ukitake. Because he is still technically lieutenant of his squad, Shuuhei is not included in captains' meetings and consultations with the Soutaichou, but anytime Ninth is needed, he is the man called on to act and make decisions. A good example of this is when a political issue among the noble clans of Soul Society blew up into chaos among the Gotei - when it was suspected that Ichigo and Rukia had turned traitor and attacked a noble clan's mansion, and drew in the new captain of Squad 3, Amagai Shuusuke. Shuuhei was in charge of marshalling Ninth's strength to search Seireitei for the traitors, and make decisions as to whether to once again blindly follow the Soutaichou's orders or think on the fly and realize that Ichigo was doing what he did for a reason. Oddly enough, despite not really knowing Ichigo as well as other lieutenants, Shuuhei subtly chose to redirect his men in such a way as to not disobey orders, yet at the same time not interfere directly. However, this came after a confrontation with Squad Eleven's Madarame Ikkaku, who might have tipped him off that it would be better not to stop Ichigo.
Yes, there is a Bleach wiki, but I like to write things out.

Personality: Shuuhei is calm and collected, mature and intelligent. He does not shirk duty or responsibility, and doesn't complain about having all of Tousen's considerable workload dumped on him after the betrayal of his captain. He's usually cool under fire and doesn't lose his temper. Yet, he also carries heavy baggage from the teachings of his captain as well as the betrayal. He carries with him a lot of fear, though it hasn't made him any weaker as a fighter nor doubt his abilities - he simply fears what he could do, and prefers non-violent resolutions if any are available. Paradoxically, this doesn't make him a wimp or a coward, and if a hollow shows up, he does not hesitate to draw his sword. He can be cold and dark in battle, and still believes in certain principles of justice handed down from Tousen. Strangely, he most fears the shikai form of his own zanpakuto. He states that he doesn't like it, because it looks like something that could "reap life itself." He doesn't like thinking that a part of him is reflected in the sword's form, making him a killer or reaper deep down inside. It goes against what he was taught by Tousen, about the path of justice and the way of least bloodshed. This is why he lags behind other lieutenants in the training for and acquisition of bankai. Yet, his reluctance to use it doesn't mean he doesn't know how - he actually does, and utilizes creative combinations of weapon and kidou that show how fast-thinking and flexible he is in a fight. He simply chooses not to use shikai as much as he possibly can, and only releases when in serious danger and when he knows there is no way for him to survive without it. His other skills are above average - he is said to be an expert at kidou, hand-to-hand combat, and kenjutsu with his sword in its sealed form. His intelligence and tactical understanding makes him rather formidable as the head of his squad, outside of one-on-one combat situations. He is very loyal, particularly to Seireitei and to his friends.

Shuuhei has a few notable hobbies and interests. He edits and occasionally writes for the newsletter Seireitei Communication, although not all of his articles have been well-received, perhaps for not being entertaining enough. He picked up a guitar somewhere in one of his missions to the living world, and tried to teach himself to play. Out of self-consciousness, he prefers to practice out in the mountains of the Rukongai where no one can hear him make mistakes. Rumor has it Chad taught him how to play it better, perhaps in the aftermath of the upheaval in Seireitei when the kids from the living world were recuperating. He's also a pretty good cook. He is friends with Renji and Izuru, and is often seen in the company of the latter, teamed up to fight or out drinking even though neither can really hold their liquor well. He hangs out with other lieutenants for the most part, and is purportedly a member of the Seireitei Men's Association led by Lieutenant Iba. He's not really all that grouchy, and does have a sense of humor, but he tends to be serious when others are derping around. The opinions of others matter to him more than they should - he was highly embarrassed when Rangiku wrote a critique of his articles in the newsletter, for example. He took the betrayal from his captain hard, but instead of losing his way, he resolved to "open Tousen's eyes" (a terrible metaphor, the man is blind) when he finds him again - which, according to spoilers, he will.

Shuuhei's loyalty and admiration for superiors is reflected not only in his philosophies of fighting and duty, but in his appearance. While still a student he had the number "69" tattooed on his right cheek in homage to the man who saved his life, Muguruma Kensei. Kensei's larger "69" is on his chest, meant to stand for his name (the kanji for "6" is the first part of Muguruma) and the Ninth Squad which he led. Whether Shuuhei knows the meaning of the number is unknown, but he clearly saw Kensei's tattoo on the day he was rescued by the captain, because Kensei wore his shihakusho loose and open to reveal it. Both Kensei and Tousen wore sleeveless kimono as part of their style, which may be why Shuuhei does also now that he is lieutenant of the same squad they both led. He speaks to captains with respect, and even seeks advice from those who are more approachable, such as Captain Ukitake, but he doesn't whine and always seems to be the first to man-up and do his duty no matter how unpleasant it might be. He prefers structure and the chain of command.

Powers/Abilities: The abilities of shinigami officers in Bleach can be separated into four parts - zankensouki is the term, encompassing zanjutsu (swordsmanship with a zanpakuto), hand-to-hand combat, flash step (shunpo), and kidou (spells). Of these, two are primarily technique and physical ability, while zanjutsu and kidou are primarily supernatural. Unlike most shinigami, Shuuhei has issues with his zanpakuto's shikai form, and so rarely uses it. Instead, he has honed his swordsmanship to be an expert without releasing - he's ridiculously adept at using his zanpakuto like a plain katana. That's not to say he doesn't know how to release or use his zanpakuto's released form, he simply prefers not to. He is also considered expert-level at hand-to-hand combat.

Kidou is the shinigami's supernatural or spiritual power, that can be used to cast spells that fall into one of two categories - binding (bakudou) or offense (hadou). In both categories the spells are numbered 1-99 (at least among known spells), based on their strength and the amount of power or ability it takes the caster to pull them off. As spells approach and pass level 60, they become increasingly difficult and require being an expert to successfully complete the spell. Additionally, all kidou spells have an incantation which has to be recited in order to complete the spell; however, a true expert does not need to audibly recite the incantation. Shuuhei is considered one of the best at kidou - he has been shown in canon to be able to use a level 62 kidou without an incantation.

Limitations: the kidou spells will have a physical toll. The more of them he tries to use in sequence, the faster he'll tire, and the higher the level of spell, the more of a direct impact it will have on him. For example, if he tries to pull off a level 60 or higher spell, it will drain him considerably and make it much harder to attempt another of that level until he's caught his breath. It will be far more likely that if he tries anything above level 70, he will need to recite the incantation and even then, there will be a high percentage failure rate that increases with the level of the spell. Level 90+ kidou will have a 90% failure rate and require the incantation. As for flash step, if he uses it too much he'll just get really tired really fast. The limitations on his zanpakuto will be less setting-related and more his own choice - see history/personality. He will not release shikai unless he absolutely positively must, when the choice is shikai or die, and even then he probably won't go too overboard. He does not have bankai yet.

Writing Samples
Third Person Sample:
There were some things in life Shuuhei accepted without question – the orders of a superior officer, the wisdom of a learned captain given in advice, the polite rejections of women who would rather be his friend than his bedmate. But he didn’t blindly accept everything told him. No matter how many people, even trusted friends, told him he couldn’t leave this town, he wouldn’t be satisfied until he had tested it himself. It was his responsibility, he decided, to know first-hand this phenomenon so he could accurately participate in any future attempts to change the fate of the people trapped there. His first try was simple, walking to the outskirts and finding himself warping back to where he started. Then he ran at the invisible boundary at full flash-step, repeatedly, until he was panting and dripping with sweat. That was another new wrinkle in the experiment he had to consider, but later, after he had rested.

When Shuuhei had exhausted both himself and the possibilities, he finally stopped and went to sit on the beach. It really had been a while since he had been sent on any missions to the living world, and rarely got to spend more than a single day there. This place, like many, seemed to hold small secrets, gems a man could uncover and keep to himself like a treasure. Shuuhei liked the quiet places, and for now enjoyed the view of the sky from the beach and the soft sound of water lapping against the shore. He sat with his knees drawn up to his chest, his bare arms folded and resting on top of them. There would be time for noise and fun later, with any of his allies who wished, he had to take moments like this whenever he found them. They were often too fleeting. Part of him knew deep down that any location with such unusual phenomenon was keeping darker secrets as well, and there was likely to be danger enough for everyone. All the more reason to appreciate the now, the natural beauty of the living world and the peace of his own thoughts. As long as no one interrupted him there, he could mull over the situation for hours, calculating the possibilities and preparing to assist the captains with whatever they asked of him. After all, just because they weren't in the Soul Society didn't mean he didn't have to take orders from them. The chain of command was intact even in the living world, one thing Shuuhei took great comfort in. It made the strangeness of this place a little less strange.

First Person Sample:
[voice post/broadcast]

[at first, quietly, as if to himself:] ...this isn't my commlink back to the Soul Society. What gives?

[then a clearing of his throat, and when he speaks clearly, it's much more sternly]

This is Lieutenant Hisagi Shuuhei, contacting the Twelfth Division. Can you read me? The exit failed, repeat, the exit has failed and I'm far from my destination. I need a new senkaimon opened from your end, my attempts at opening one have failed as well. Please respond. Do you read me? Anyone?

[a pause, and then quietly again:] Dammit! Something's not right here. If this is the living world, why can't I open a passage back? Ugh...Captain Hitsugaya's going to bitch me out for this, I just know it...

minor special note: I watch the dub, so a lot of what I write with him uses English terms, but having spent 2 years+ in [ profile] bleach_dressing I picked up some of the Japanese terms. My sincerest apologies if the game or castmates would prefer I stuck with one or the other. I read the bit about languages in the FAQ comments and can see explaining it away as Shuu slipping into his native language occasionally where terms are translated/interchangeable, such as captain/taichou. Terms that aren't easily translated (zanpakuto, kidou) ought to stay Japanese, and he probably will use Japanese honorifics at least in speaking with castmates.