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**this journal is for RP purposes**

Name: Hisagi Shuuhei
Rank: Lieutenant of squad Nine of the Thirteen court guard squads (Gotei)
Zanpakuto: Kazeshini, a dual-handed scythe-like weapon connected by a chain that pinwheels in flight
Personality: proud, sharp-tongued, not exactly snide but he can snark on occasion, in more of a dark, unkind way than a sarcastic funny way. A hardass, basically. He does, however, have a sense of humor and a friendly side toward those he cares about and shows loyalty to. Believes in loyalty, comradeship, and justice, and is faithful to the Soul Society and the orders he must follow. Respectful of authority to a fault. Courageous, and likely to stand his ground to the end, especially in defense of or revenge for a fallen comrade.
Weaknesses: takes things like betrayal very hard. Somewhat sensitive about certain topics but he won't warn you what those topics are ahead of time. Would value loyalty above doing the right thing in an ethical conflict (but he is at least flexible enough not to have done something stupid like join Tousen when he betrayed him). He fears his own zanpakuto and will not release shikai form unless absolutely pressed. Has not yet reached bankai. Can't hold his liquor very well, he'll go until he passes out.
Skills: cooking, writing, drawing, limited ability with the guitar (rather poor, actually). Considered an expert at kidou and basic kenjutsu and hand-to-hand combat.
Taken from: anime, post-Amagai arc.

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